Editors' Choice: ApparelApril 19, 2016

Best Raingear For Golfers


A trusted rain jacket is the most important piece of outerwear any golfer owns. Protecting you from the elements is crucial, but each jacket needs to allow for maximum movement and breathability. If you can't swing freely and stay comfortable, you won't play your best. These companies are the standard of excellence.

Galvin Green uses the latest Gore-Tex fabrics and includes features like rain channels at the sleeve's end that flow moisture away from your hands. The company is using the Gore-Tex two-layer stretch material that contains micro-pores large enough to help facilitate air circulation, and they're also small enough to retain the proper level of waterproof. It's the little details that define great outerwear. It's why the European Ryder Cup team has trusted Galvin Green to make its rainwear. Two inside pockets and mesh lining add to the garment's practicality.

Zero Restriction has also figured out how to maximize flexibility and ensure proper fit in its lightweight jackets. And these jackets were the choice of the U.S. Presidents Cup team in South Korea in 2015. Zero Restriction's Pinnacle jacket uses ZR Pinnacle fabric and has subtle features to maximize protection and maintain comfort. A dual-direction zipper design help keep moisture away from your body. And the fabric has been designed to maximize stretch. Those are the qualities you're looking for when you get caught in a downpour.

You might initially think such suits are overpriced, but these brands will last—perhaps not a lifetime, but a very long time, and worth every penny.

Heavy-duty: Galvin Green, Arrow jacket, $560
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Lightweight: Zero Restriction, $184-$435
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