Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsMarch 13, 2017

Best Golf Simulator


Simulators are more than novelty items. They are highly instructional, offering instant analysis from one's swing. The best utilize tracking and camera technology to produce accurate measurements like ball spin and speed, launch angle, and shot direction. Full Swing Golf captures these outputs thanks to light-wave technology in precise animation. More than 90 courses are available for play, illuminated in high-definition graphics. And with hundreds of side games, you never have to worry about burnout.

What makes a good golf simulator?

Many are enchanted by detailed constructions of famous, exotic golf courses, and certainly aesthetics on the screen can't be discounted. However, the best of the best differentiate themselves in their measurements and analysis of a user's swing. Course mapping is another integral component, with sensors transforming a flat platform into a sidehill or downhill lie, creating real-life shots one would encounter on a course.

Most important is the utilization of high-speed camera systems and infrared lightwaves. Full Swing Golf's S4's light-wave technology captures a golfer's most important outputs in precise animation. The screen grabs a struck ball instantaneously, mirroring the tracking of a shot.

These tools deliver basics like shot distance and direction, yet S4's system decodes ball speed, movement and spin, launch angle, and accuracy dispersion. This data can be mined for comparison and progress.

Full Swing Golf is more than just motion sensors and graphics. Besides simulating a normal round of golf, S4 has an array of practice and side-game options, testing your iron accuracy, short-game prowess and clutch dexterity. There is no shortage in customization: There are 93 available courses, and a player can alter the daylight, weather and other environmental conditions to their whim.

This diverse package, coupled with the product's meticulous swing and shot quantifications, make the Full Swing Golf S4 our Editors' Choice in golf simulators.

Full Swing Golf S4 Simulator, $25,900
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