Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 19, 2016

Best Golf Headcovers


Headcovers are golf's most common first impression. They are what you see even before shaking a playing partner's hand. For that reason, we're providing guidance for nailing the proper headcover.

Prefer a knit, throwback look? Jan Craig has been selling them since the 1960s, when she saw a niche and wanted to capitalize. In the late 1960s, Jack Nicklaus ordered a pair of Craig's hand-knit pom-pom headcovers and put them on his clubs during some of his crucial major-championship victories. Craig, who started her business in Ohio, became popular on tour in the 1970s, the launching pad to a successful career for the business, which was taken over by her family. These hand-knit headcovers fit the persimmon clubs of the day perfectly. And the knit has been adapted to fit today's modern equipment, and players such as Tom Watson still seek her headcovers.

For some, maybe you're looking for a newer-age look. Seamus, a company based in Beaverton, Ore., offers more than 100 headcovers in a variety of tartans. Seamus' covers use a wool inside surrounded by a waterproof, outdoor fleece that protects your clubs from the elements. These technical materials and the variety in color make Seamus stand out for its innovation. And you can include any level of personalization, such as your name, handicap or any message. With Craig's covers, you can even pick what kind of tassel or pom-pom you'd like. These are ways to dress up your clubs like you've never imagined.

Knit: Jan Craig, $39-$59
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Fabric: Seamus, $55-$65
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