Editors' Choice: Travel & Golf ServicesApril 19, 2016

Best Golf Club Shipper


Trusting others with your clubs can seem like a bad idea. Those anxious moments at the baggage claim can make or break a golf trip. That's why Ship Sticks, which launched its website in 2012, has found success. It has partnered with more than 3,500 facilities, even some of the most private clubs in the country, ensuring an easy drop-off of your clubs. Ship Sticks also works with UPS, FedEx and DHL to ensure your clubs get to your destination on time. These couriers offer corporate discounts to companies such as Ship Sticks, which give them high-volume service.

So what's the difference between Ship Sticks and other shipping companies? The price point is attractive—an average of $50 for a one-way ground delivery—and the company is founded by an avid golfer, CEO Nicholas Coleman, who has made all steps as seamless as can be. A sign-up form online gives the option of choosing three pick-up locations: your local course, business or residence (or you can drop off the bag at a UPS or FedEx facility).

Ship Sticks will ensure your clubs will arrive at your destination. It's golf's version of a personal courier. Most of the golf courses Ship Sticks works with will keep your clubs ready for you.

Lugging your clubs through the airport is one battle. If you're on a golf trip with a large group, figuring out whose bags can fit in rental cars can be a huge annoyance. So having your bag shipped directly to the course is another nice convenience. The best part? If Ship Sticks notices your bag is being delayed at a courier center, the company will try to expedite its arrival. After all, there's one essential part to a golf trip: your clubs.

Ship Sticks, $50 (one-way ground shipping)
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