Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 19, 2016

Best Golf Cleats & Spikes


On the PGA Tour, players regularly get a fresh set of cleats on the bottoms of their shoes, sometimes every week. Chances are you don't change yours that often, or you don't change them at all. You're missing out. Those spikeless cleats that changed the game overnight two decades ago have come a long way since the plastic, sworled caps they used to be. Made of special combinations of polymers, the best new models give and grab to provide support when you're standing or walking and traction when you're swinging.

Our top choice, the Champ PiviX, is flexible and anti-slip. Its construction features extra flexibility in the six arms that radiate from the center of the cleat. This allows the soles of your shoes to get closer to the ground, responding to the natural twisting of your feet during the swing. That extra bit of give lets your feet better stabilize your swing naturally. That was clearly the case last season when Jordan Spieth had them on his shoes while winning the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup in the rain at East Lake.

Just as important, the best cleats don't dominate the soles of our shoes, making it feel as if we're walking on seven elevated pads. Made by the world leader in traction technology across multiple sports, the PiviX spike has a low-profile design with a base that takes up less room and weight in your shoe. Not to be overlooked is how each cleat includes a wear sensor that shows you when it's time to make a change. Finally, those little wrench holes are reinforced, making it easier to get the old spikes out and put the new ones in. Which you should be doing multiple times a year, by the way.

Champ PiviX, $15 per set
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