Editors' ChoiceApril 19, 2016

Best Cooler For Golfers


A golf cart without a cooler is like a car without a radio. Fun-seeking millennials have reminded us what golfers in trucker hats have always known: A brewski on the back nine adds a little swing oil to the round. Enter the super-premium line of Yeti ice chests. Designed to keep food and drinks cold for days (and longer, depending on the outside temperature), the virtually indestructible coolers (and outdoor status symbols) have become the favorites of folks who don't want to fish around for a beer in ice soup.

Available in 18 sizes and shapes, Yetis range from insulated party tubs ($199) and 20-can rafting-friendly personal coolers ($249) to 82-gallon chests capable of holding a couple of freshly caught 50-pound dorados ($1,299). They're made from the same kind of thermoplastic used in deep-sea kayaks and have more than two inches of commercial-grade polyurethane-foam insulation and a self-sealing gasket that make a Yeti chest more like a refrigerator than a cooler. Thanks to the hard-plastic shell, armored hinges and military-grade rubber latches, Yeti calls its chests "grizzly-proof"—which might be an important selling point where you live. Those features make Yetis more than capable of handling even the hottest sun for an afternoon at your back-yard picnic (even in Scottsdale) and twice as expensive as coolers in the same class. But the sturdy construction make it one piece of outdoor gear you're more likely to pass on to a kid than replace a few seasons from now.

Yeti, $199-$1,299
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