Viral VideosMarch 3, 2016

5 incredible -- and totally unexpected -- shots that gave us goosebumps

On Wednesday, Tiger Woods made his first appearance in a golf highlight in more than six months -- even if he was just a supporting cast member to a kid. Seeing an 11-year-old golfer making a hole-in-one, and a 14-time-major winner giving him some serious love gave us some serious goosebumps, and it reminded us of a few other improbable shots by non-tour pros that lifted our spirits. Let's look back:

Woman with ALS makes long putt on live TV. Our favorite viral video of 2015 involved Madeline Kennedy, a woman with ALS. While being interviewed on live TV from a charity event for ALS, Kennedy, using a special golf cart that allows her to stand up, drained a 78-foot putt. Prepare to feel some chills:

Fan makes full-court putt to win car. This is Patrick Burch making a full-court putt (94 feet!) at halftime of an Auburn basketball game in 2014 to win a car. The most amazing part? Patrick doesn’t even play golf.

“Price is Right” contestant gets really lucky. Another golf novice won a car with a putt that might have gone 94 feet if not for a backstop. After nearly whiffing on her first attempt, contestant Ella got another crack from about eight feet and blasted the ball past the cup. But she got the luckiest bounce ever and wound up celebrating with a stunned Bob Barker.

Man makes “hole-in-one” for $1 million. We have hole-in-one in quotes because technically, James Foley’s shot came from 165 yards out in the middle of the 18th fairway at Devil’s Ridge Golf Club in Holly Springs, N.C. But while it may not have been a real ace, the $1 million the Outback Steakhouse kitchen manager won was very real. You go, James.

Kid makes ace with Tiger Woods watching. We end with the most recent. Taylor Crozier, 11, was one of a few youngsters chosen to help open a new par-3 course at the Woods-designed Bluejack National near Houston. And he wound up stealing the show from the host with this amazing shot:

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