News & ToursJune 19, 2014

5 gems overheard at Pinehurst

By Keely Levins

PINEHURST, N.C. -- For all of you golf fans who don't have the opportunity to be walking around Pinehurst this week, I went out and wrote down a few quotes that I heard to help you feel like you're here. As a point of reference, I did so while drinking sweet tea, which is a magical nectar I plan on bringing gallons of back with me to the north.

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  1. Michelle Wie talking about her taped knee in a press conference: "I just feel like I'm getting old and I'm not 13 anymore and tapeless. I feel like, you know, I have tape now."
  1. Random spectator: "This place looks like a dogtrack muny. What have they been bragging about?"
  1. Random caddie, who may have been talking about a random spectator: "You see that fake tan? Orange. She's straight up orange."
  1. Random Rules official: "The women are so nice about being warned that they'll be put on the clock. They say thank you, and hustle down the fairway."
  1. Me: "Do you know where 10 is?"Random spectator: "Somewhere on the back nine."

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