Tim Herron
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"Dear Lumpy..."

Tim Herron on Masters wardrobe, slicing, and Justin Bieber.
BogeyPro Golf's Chance Manning: A Closer Look: Zero Distance Balls
BogeyPro Golf Gear

A Closer Look: Zero Distance Balls

Is BalsacoreTM technology the next big thing in golf?
Golf humor: Golfer's Sayings
Web-extra video

Sh*! Golfers Say

The phrases and exclamations golfers utter most.
The 18 Most Annoying Golf Partners
Funniest Golf Commercials
What makes a great golf commercial? A wisecracking infant? Tiger Woods as Carl Spackler? The clips featured are not a definitive list of the best golf commercials ever made, but they do represent some of our favorites. If we left out one of your favorites let us know.

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Funniest Golf Cartoons
A gallery of cartoons from our 60-year history that put golfers at their best (and worst). We selected our best from the thousands of cartoons done by dozens of cartoonists, among them Ed Lepper, Walt Ditzen, Jeff Keate, Lo Linkert and Roy Doty.

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Most of the jokes in The New Yorker Book of Golf Cartoons explore familiar themes: the game's mechanical frustrations and its utility among aging males as a placebo for work and marriage. View a selection of some of the best cartoons from Roz Chast to Robert Weber.

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Funniest Stories and Anecdotes
Over the years, Golf Digest has chatted with anyone who's anyone in golf, on topics as varied as pressure, gamesmanship, temper and other embarrassing situations. In this final installment celebrating our 60th anniversary, we've compiled tales involving the famous and not-so-famous.
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Web-extra: More anecdotes
Bob Hope had over 85,000 pages of jokes from his nine decades in show business. It's hard to tell how many of them were about golf, but there are probably more jokes about this game than any other sport. Turk Pipkin, author of The Old Man and the Tee, shares some of the best that he's heard over the years.

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