Annika Sorenstam

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Golf Instruction / Fitness

Annika Sorenstam: Shape Your Body To Your Swing

Annika demonstrates six exercises that will help train the muscles and nervous system to work in harmony when you swing the club.
May 2013

Annika's Basics: Hit Crisper Iron Shots

Learn to control your distance and trajectory with greater consistency -- and you'll hit more greens in fewer shots.
August 2008

Annika Sorenstam: Wide To The Top

Keep your right arm straighter for a perfect backswing
Golf Instruction

Annika Sorenstam: My 3 Keys

Annika Sorenstam's 3 keys to hitting a soft lob
July 2009
Golf Instruction

Annika Sorenstam: 3 Keys

Advice for making four-footers
March 2009
Results: 1 - 10 of 31
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