The Rules Of The Game

Think you have the mettle to answer our rules quiz correctly?

Rules Quiz
By Ron Kaspriske

Think you know the difference between a water hazard and a lateral water hazard? Or whether you're entitled to relief when your ball lands on an anthill? Or what the penalty is for hitting the wrong ball in a bunker? If you think you know the Rules of Golf, then we have a challenge for you. In conjunction with CBS' "Rules of the Game" interactive quiz show, we've created an 18-question test on rules scenarios that happen to real golfers. The first 200 readers to get all 18 questions correct will win the new book Jack Nicklaus: Simply the Best by Martin Davis. You can take the quiz as many times as you like, but only one winner per household. Good luck.

TO ENTER: Send us your answers (question number followed by letter answer) by filling out this entry form. To send a direct e-mail with your answers, full name, address and daytime phone number, click here. Official rules of this contest appear after the final question. Answers will be available after the contest and will also appear in the September issue of Golf Digest magazine.
CBS Rules show
Be sure to watch Bobby Clampett and Bill Macatee as they host CBS' "Rules Of The Game" interactive quiz show on Aug. 18 at 4 p.m. EDT. Bill and Bobby will discuss many of the rules that appear in this quiz.
If you commit two penalties with a single act, say grounding your club in a bunker and improving the ball's lie, are you penalized for both infractions or one?

a. Both.
b. One.
Adam Scott wins the first hole of a match against Phil Mickelson. Mickelson then discovers 15 clubs in his own bag. What is the match's status?

a. Scott is 1 up.
b. Mickelson has been disqualified.
c. Scott is 2 up.
You are 3 down on the back nine, but the course is backed up. With your spouse impatiently waiting, can you concede the match right there?

a. Yes.
b. No.
During your opponent's swing, you let out a violent sneeze that causes him to hit a shot out-of-bounds. Can he replay the shot without penalty?

a. Yes.
b. No.
Can Vijay Singh carry a weighted training club as one of the 14 clubs in his bag during a round on tour?

a. Yes.
b. No.
Player A tees first and makes a 4 in a handicap match. Player B makes 4 but gets a stroke for a net 3. Now who tees first?

a. Player A.
b. Player B.
In match play if you make a stroke at a wrong ball that is not in a hazard you are ...

a. penalized two strokes.
b. penalized loss of hole.
You're playing an alternate-shot tournament, and you swing and miss the ball. Who plays the next stroke?

a. You.
b. Your partner.
You hit a blind, uphill shot into a green. When you get to the top of the hill, you can't find your ball in a five-minute search. You return to the spot of your last shot and hit another ball to the green. Then you discover your original ball is in the hole. Do you count the original ball or your second ball?

a. Original ball.
b. Second ball.
Rules Quiz
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