Golf World January 14, 2012 cover

Golf, The Tough Call

We begin our Predictions Issue with this acknowledgment: Figuring out who is likely to win a tournament is a real crapshoot. Here's why.

What's Ahead For Tiger Woods

He is unlikely to ever again dominate as he once did, but 2013 could be the start of the most intriguing chapter of the icon's career.

The Look Of A Winner

Identifying which golfers are going to succeed at the top level is both an art and a science. It's also mighty imprecise.

Forward Thinking

How might the PGA Tour season play out? After crunching the numbers -- and applying a few hunches -- we forecast the winner of every tournament.

Power Play

After Mother Nature outmuscles the Hyundai T of C for three days, Dustin Johnson took control with booming drives and deft touch.


The Lead

The Hyundai Tournament of Champions is light on, well, champions.


PGA Tour rules officials worked the TOC without a contract. Is a strike next?

Rosaforte Report

Jonas Blixt has a date with a roller coaster, but his career on tour has steadied.

Tour Talk

Steve Stricker to play fewer events in 2013; Erica Popson wins the Harder Hall.


New endorsement deals mean new sticks for several players.


Texas-born Bob Estes says Austin is the place to call home.

Sport Psychology

Job One: Separate the controllable from the uncontrollable.


• The author looks ahead to 2013 with nine things he'd like to see come to pass -- John Feinstein
Golf is virtually impossible to predict -- and golfers prefer it that way -- Jaime Diaz
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