March 2013

Golf Digest March 2013 Table of Contents
Cover photo by Adam Levey

Hot List 2013: Our Annual Equipment Ranking

For the 10th straight year, we analyze the game's best new clubs.


The Golf Digest 50

Getting rich in golf: Off-course deals funnel more than $400 million to the game's biggest stars.

Rock Of Ages

A trip to remote Scotland reveals more of the game's mysteries.


Swing Sequence: Lee and Daniel Trevino

Did Lee Trevino's unique style rub off on his son Daniel?

Butch's Best Tips For Driving

Pick the right key to focus on.

4 Fixes That Work Fast

Keep common faults out of your swing.

Turn Bogeys Into Pars

Score better by mastering these three shots.

The Basics: Golf Fitness

Get your golf swing in shape.

Tom Watson

How to find more fairways.

David Leadbetter

One move to better posture.

Golf Digest Live

Bunker shots made simple.

Jack Nicklaus

How to stop hitting it fat.

Sean Foley

Turn back as much as you can.

Steal My Feel

To make more putts, care less.

Best Young Teachers

A great image to beat your slice.

Rick Smith

Find your swing by waggling.

Hank Haney

Stay grounded for power.


Away Game: Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico., is known for its vibrant art scene, but the golf there is terrific, too.


Jerry Tarde: Editor's Letter
Capturing the spirit of public golf and its many characters.

Digital Digest:
Facebook, Twitter, tablet editions. You following us?

Golf Saved My Life:
It allowed me to connect in foreign countries.
Think Young, Play Hard:
She hasn't yet finished high school, but Lydia Ko has already won an LPGA event.

Money Clip:
Some secrets for beating long airport-security lines.
David Fay:
Why bifurcation just might be the right answer.

Golf & The City:
I saw an argument break out--and a hole-in-one--while playing in Los Angeles.
If you break a club, how should you proceed?

Great golf-gambling games.

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