June 2012

Golf Digest June 2012 Table of Contents

Cover Story

My 3 Ways to Play Your Best

I've saved a lot of strokes this year with these keys.
U.S. Open Preview

San Francisco Love Story

A native son reflects on what makes the city game in general and the Olympic Club in particular so special.

A More Open Open Course

What didn't kill The Olympic Club only made it stronger.

Testing The Limits Of Fairness

When USGA officials attempt to stretch Open courses to the edge, sometimes they (and the players) go off a cliff. Here's what happened before and after Payne Stewart and others got taken for a ride at Olympic's 18th in 1998.

Out Of Darkness

Billy Casper grew up tough, and it helped him win three majors, including a historic comeback against Arnold Palmer at Olympic.


Regrets? They've Had A Few

Golf's biggest names and personalities open up about mulligans they wished they could take.

What's So Funny?

Stand-up comedian, actor, author Lewis Black began grooving a horrific swing 50 years ago. All he wants now is for Scarlett Johansson to drive his cart.

My Shot: Brandel Chamblee

A guy who loves to jaw about the Green Diggers Association, the joys of gambling at a young age, and the need for party time on the golf course.

Golf Cartoons

When in doubt, laugh: A cartoonist's pencil captures some funny golf moments in this New Yorker book excerpt.

How To

My Checklist

When the ball is below your feet.

Two Words For Lower Scores

My swing mantras will instill confidence in your game.
Golf Instruction

Bend It Like Bubba

How to really work the ball.

Great Chip!

My set-up trick can help you get it close.

The Basics: Sand Play

Tons of tips for escaping bunkers.

Swing Sequence: Keegan Bradley

Learn from his reckless abandon.

Steal My Feel: Bubba Watson

Take the nerves out of pitching.

Tom Watson

How I lag it close from afar.

Butch Harmon

Setting up to bomb it off the tee.

Sean Foley

Solid contact on short shots.

Flick & Nicklaus

How to make the big putt, like Jack always seemed to.

Hank Haney

The left wrist affects ball flight.

Best Young Teachers

Grab your belt buckle for perfect posture.

Golf Equipment

Golf Bags Hot List

These new offerings carry a lot of value.

New Looks

Face value: Inserts, grooves, materials -- what gets you to make more putts?

What's In My Bag

Johnson Wagner

Golf Courses & Travel

Away Game: Gold Rush!

Prospecting for the best public golf in San Francisco

Long Drives

Taking a 2012 Audi A7 on a trip to Stowe, Vt.


Jerry Tarde:
What would Phil do?

Think Young, Play Hard:
Texas' Jordan Spieth, has gone toe-to-toe against the PGA Tour's best.
Tom Callahan
Ultimate house call: Doc Giffin is someone Arnold Palmer trusts with his life. There's a lesson in that for today's PGA Tour pros.

Avoid the pitfalls of playing a one-sided sport. Achieve body balance.

Did you ask for illegal advice or information.

Mr. Style:
Neat headcovers for your clubs.

Ask Stina
Where do you draw the line between golf pro and friend? Plus, Ben Hogan's lost ball.

Hungover Caddie:
How to tell if your caddie has some money riding on you.

David Owen: My Tech
Sleep better, play better.

Peter Finch: Money Clip
The perks of being a buddies-trip: Free stuff

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