Golf Digest February 2011 Table of Contents
Cover photo by Nick Veasey

Hot List 2011:
The Annual Equipment Ranking

Your multi-page, uncensored, fully scanned guide to the latest and best clubs

America's 100 Best Clubfitters

The top places to find instant improvement

Editor's Choice

These four clubs go beyond greatness and truly dazzled the Hot List judges

Fairway Woods





Lesson Tee

Swing Sequence: Domenic Mazza

How he hits it 436 yards.

Steal My Feel

For accuracy, return your left hand to the target.

Tom Watson

My favorite chipping drill

Tiger Woods

Remember the breaks on your home-course greens.

Best Young Teachers

Building blocks of power.

Flick & Nicklaus

Lost your feel? Try this

David Leadbetter

Stop throwing away yards

Stewart Cink: Scoring Shots

Five simple ways to get more out of every round

Jim McLean: Hit It Solid

For consistency, master the "corners" of your swing

Nick Faldo: 10 Rules

Your guide to crisp irons

Gain 20 Yards

Three easy steps to bomb it off the tee.

Breaking 100/90/80

How to simulate the golf course when you practice

The Golf Digest 50

What the scandal cost Tiger, and what it cost golf.

Promises, Promises

Even the best young players eventually show their faults.

Wooden's Legacy

After his death at 99, we celebrate John Wooden's incredible round of golf.

Golf Digest Awards

We've been honoring the game's best players since 1954. Who won this year?

Away Game

A fresh look at Tucson, a city that embraces the clash of old and new.


Two views of Caledonia Golf & Fish Club


These three groups head down south in February


Jerry Tarde:
The creation of the Hot List was not a random event

Golf Saved My Life:
By Brad Hardman, with Max Adler

My Tech:
What you really need to know about golf in 3-D.

Money Clip:
Is your private club about to go public?

Game On:
Quiz: These 12 players have golf clubs named after them

Eight common rules misconceptions debunked

Ask Stina:
Dealing with cheaters, unwanted club-cleanings and missed conceded putts.

Passings of 2010:
Golf lost contributors big and small in the past year


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