Golf Digest January 2011 Table of Contents
On Power

Swing Sequence:
Dustin Johnson

Adding control to a swing built on brute force.

Take It Deep

Max out your power and still find the fairway.
How To

My Checklist

Tips for handling those tough two-tier putts.

10 Rules

Become a great performer: lessons from seven tour pros.

Bunker Clinic

Drills for three trouble shots: uphill, downhill and wet.

Breaking 100/90/80

Make golf fun for juniors.
Lesson Tee

Tiger Woods

Pitch with your big muscles.

Tom Watson

Four steps to a perfect position at the top.

David Leadbetter

The right way to shift forward.

Steal My Feel

Hinge early to hit it straight.

Hank Haney

Square your shoulders to hit more putts on line.

Rick Smith

How to start the downswing.

Flick & Nicklaus

The correct way to release.
Travel Digest

Away Game

Hawaii's Big Island offers a wonderful mix of golf and breathtaking beauty.

Long Drives

A tour of Gettysburg, Pa., in a Buick LaCrosse CXL.

Face Off

Ron Whitten and Matt Ginella offer their views on the Stadium course at TPC Scottsdale.


Three groups share details about their buddies trips.

The Fun Issue

Wipe that frown from your face. Golf is about enjoying yourself -- and we're here to help you make it happen.

Make Golf More Fun

We've assembled 18 proven methods for making the game as fun as possible.

Living Large

How small does a course have to be before a 14-handicapper can break par?

Nite Lite

Cheap, user-friendly, easy-to-find and fun. This is what golf should be.

Somethin' More For Joe Gannascoli

"The Sopranos" actor is having a lot more fun -- and losing weight -- since taking up golf.

The Lovely Lumps

The Himalayas putting course in St. Andrews reminds us of golf's simplest pleasure.

Face-On Putting

Don't laugh. I've tried it all, and this is the best way to roll a golf ball.

Grin Acres

The 18 most fun golf holes in America.

Q+A With Adam Scott

He hasn't yet achieved the greatness he expected. Now 30, he's back in form.

Easy Laughs

We feature the cartoons and stories that put golfers at their best (and worst).
Golf Equipment

Go For Launch

Is the day coming when average golfers could own a launch monitor?

What's In My Bag

Rickie Fowler


Jerry Tarde: Henry Cotton's idea of fun
Jaime Diaz: Senior Slam amateur Paul Simson
Game On: A Three Stooges riddle
Birdies+Bogeys: Recapping the wacky golf moments of 2010.
Style: How do these rainsuits offer protection from the nastiest weather? Hint: Gore-Tex
Rules: The Do's and Don'ts of the teeing ground
Fitness: The tour-pro workout
David Owen: My Tech: I've discovered the pleasures of watching golf in HD.
Money Clip: The unending dues blues at certain private clubs.
Woman: LPGA rookie Azahara Munoz; Ochoa vs. Sorenstam; golf in Curaçao.
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