Steal My Feel

What to do when your swing gets quick.

Tiger Woods

Lean left and swing steep in greenside bunkers.

Tom Watson

The angle in your left wrist is the key to consistency.

Jim McLean

Check your right hand for better ball-striking.

Flick & Nicklaus

Should you charge putts or die them?

Hank Haney

One drill to fix the major swing-path faults.
How To

Checklist: Fred Funk

Slow down and make a full swing on tough tee shots.

10 Rules

Take it from the range to the course for lower scores.

3 Ways To Power

Don't change your grip. Match it to your release.

Breaking 100/90/80

The quickest way to groove a consistent swing.

Best New Courses

Our course-design critic discovers the spectacular and the unusual.

The Genius Of Johnny

Miller's blunt analysis of today's players comes from a brooding view of a brilliant but flawed career.

In Defense Of Uncommon Sense

In a year of bizarre rulings, here's why they were right.

Ben Hogan's Last Round

A special day for three college girls offers an enduring image of the man and the legend.

Q+A: Major Star

Paula Creamer is unafraid of Oakmont, homeownership, even fighter jets. But karaoke is another matter.
Travel Digest

Away Game

If you're a Mackenzie junkie, you won't run out of excellent courses in Melbourne, Australia.

Frugal Golfer

Getting older has its perks--your age could save you big bucks.

Weird Science

A new mix of materials and methods could lead to big possibilities for innovation.

What's In My Bag

Bernhard Langer


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