My Checklist: Sean O'Hair

Tips for hitting it clean from fairway sand.


Here's what I do when it really starts to blow.

Swing Sequence: Retief Goosen

Why shorter is better.

Breaking 100/90/80

Power comes from speed and solid contact.

David Leadbetter

An easy drill for hitting it longer and straighter.

Tiger Woods

Stay smooth on must-make putts.

Flick & Nicklaus

How to make sure your swing ages gracefully.

Hank Haney

Got a slice? Stop over-working your shoulders.

Rick Smith

For crisp chips, limit your follow-through.

Dustin Johnson

Crushing defeats at the U.S. Open and PGA have motivated the tour phenom.

His Father's Son

You can learn a lot about Tiger through the last days of Earl Woods.
From the new book by Tom Callahan

Game changers

On our 60th anniversary, we list the most important designs, decade by decade.

The Cost Of Golf In Retirement

Like "big-headed driver" and "affordable green fee," the term "golf retirement" doesn't mean what it used to.
Travel Digest

Away Game

San Antonio is a city of history and terrific golf.

Long Drives

Chicago to Kansas City in an Infiniti QX56.


A pro-am tourney is at the heart of this annual trip.

The Grid

Escape the indoors at these five golf destinations.

New Looks: Big Drivers

Tired of being the short hitter? Check these out.

What's In My Bag

Ben Crane
Bomb & Gouge

Golf's $6 Billion Problem

Counterfeit clubs are out of control

Hot List: Grips

We tested 52 and found our top 10.


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