March 2015

Golf Digest March 2015
Cover photograph by Sam Kaplan

Cover Story: The Hot List

Think club innovation is maxed out? Not even close.

Fitting Secret: Add 23 Yards with Three Tweaks

Our test of 150 golfers proves the benefits of clubfitting.


These 14 drivers offer more options & more distance.

Fairway Woods

Drivers aren't the only faces getting faster.


More reasons to ditch your long irons.


Spin is dead? Not from what we see here.

Mallet Putters

Your mis-hits have never rolled so well.

Blade Putters

Their sleek exteriors hide more technology than you think.

Tiger's Still No. 1 in Making Money

He barely edges Rory and Phil, but it's down from $121.9 million in his peak year.

Our S#!t Weather Survival Guide

Everything you need to know about making unplayable days playable.

Under the Midnight Sun

Golf in Iceland is quirky, beautiful and very, very fun.

Breaking 50

Video gamers are reinventing golf.
Golf Instruction

Dustin's Back!
Crush Your Driver

How to hit your tee ball farther than ever.

Swing Sequence: Patrick Reed

A powerful move that screams confidence.

Sharpen Your Short Game

Don't hit your 60. Hit your 12.

Problem Solvers

Learn how to get out of trouble from three of the game's biggest stars.

Iron Shots

Stick it closer to the pin with my swing keys.

David Leadbetter

Crisp contact with hybrids starts with your mind-set.

Hank Haney

Focus on your impact position for better shots.

Jack Nicklaus

How to handle a long par 4.

Butch Harmon

Catching it solid from fairway bunkers.

Tom Watson

A simple grip change can make you a better putter.

Your Putting Stroke

Should you swing on an arc or in a straight line?

Why'd I Do That?

Make tricky short-game shots a whole lot easier.


Editor's Letter
The sexiest drivers of 2015.

Undercover Tour Pro
"Most of us are only in it for the money."

The Core: Fitness
A quick-and-easy workout that you must do if you want to improve your swing.

Think Young, Play Hard
The stars of "Homeland" and "Fifty Shades of Grey" aren't acting when they say they're huge golfers.

The five most important things to know about your golf ball when it's in play.

The Pour
How to order a martini like a pro.

Want a stylish, versatile option for the spring? Try these eight vests.

Closeout: Golf Sins
We've all been bad before. But was it this malicious?
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