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December 2014

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Cover Story

Golfers Who Give Back

In a game that raises $4 billion a year for charity, we recognize five important figures—from Johnny Manziel to George W. Bush—who do their part to help.

Q&A With Johnny Manziel

Before the swagger and the entourage, the nickname Johnny Football and the Heisman Trophy, the only sport Johnny Manziel knew was golf.

Editor's Letter: The Healing Power of Golf

How George W. Bush gives back through the Military Service Initiative.


'We Double Dog Dare You'

Bringing your best friend to the course is the most fun you'll ever have.

My Shot: Geoff Ogilvy

What he learned from falling off a bike, why you never throw clubs when you'realone, and how Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page holds the secret to golf.

Dan Jenkins: My (Fake) Q&A with Tiger

How it would play out in my mind.

A Wearable Future

A new wave of mobile technology has designs for golf.

Golf Instruction

The Short Game Explained

Some science on why your shots do what they do around the greens.

How to Pipe Your Driver And Pure Your Irons

My best tips for getting more looks at birdie.

Flag Hunt with Your Short Irons

How to attack the pin with 7-iron or less.

Jar More Putts!

How LPGA Tour star Lexi Thompson became a putting machine.

Rickie Fowler's Swing

Before and After Butch: The changes that have led to a career year in 2014.

Tom Watson

Take the mystery out of escaping the sand.

Sean Foley

You can rip your irons—it's all about the arms.

Jack Nicklaus

What's the right play on this risk/reward tee shot?

Why'd I Do That?

Even tour pros hate shots over water.

Butch Harmon

How to avoid these two faults most golfers make.

David Leadbetter

Four steps to avoid those pop-ups with your driver.

The Driver Guy

"That another demo in your bag?"

The Core

Find out if your posture is affecting your swing.


Equipment: Irons

Help where you might need it.

Golf Courses

Green Star Awards

Pasatiempo and Pinehurst No. 2 thrive through arid weather.

Grand Cayman

You can mix golf with a boatload of other fun activities in Grand Cayman.

Think Young, Play Hard
Rookie Carlos Ortiz has Olympic-size dreams.

My First Time
Going from ballet to pro golf.

Camilo Villegas bikes a lot!

Undercover Tour Pro
Are there ulterior motives when a player withdraws from a PGA Tour event?

Identifying the times that they cheat in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger."

Holiday Gift Guide
Pick up one of these neat items to be a hero this year.

The Fringe
Be the most knowledgeable cigar guy in your foursome.

Golf & Business
Investors are loving what they see in golf courses.

A Lesson From Silent Dave
Fix it on the course, not the range.

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