July 2015

Golf Digest July 2015
Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Cover Story: The Spieth Issue

Head of the Class

What do we like about Jordan Spieth? Listen to these stories.

Game On! How to Chip, Pitch, Lob, Putt and Win

Try my keys and be the boss of your ball.

Golf's New $25 Million Man*

*And that might be low.


Rickie Fowler's New Bunker Swing

It's all you need in the sand

Hot List: Golf Bags: Baggage Check

Upgrade with one of our 22 Hot List medalist bags.

Tiger's Ex Talks!

Former caddie Steve Williams is at home in New Zealand splitting logs and telling tales.

Skins Game

Why golfers are ditching their shirts.

Night Golf

LED lights helped capture photographs that will blow you away.

The British Open

Bringing Its A-Game

The Open returns to St. Andrews—a town of great mystique.

Nine Topics to Watch For During This Year's Open Championship

Drive it Great All Summer

Setup and swing tips for long, straight tee shots.

Flush It Off The Fairway

Why it can be so hard--and how to make it easy.

Developing a Draw

Knock your irons stiff with these pro tips.

Butch Harmon

Keep turning, and say goodbye to snap-hooks.

Tom Watson

This British Open shot works great anywhere.

Sean Foley

How you can get better without going to the range.

Swing Sequence: Charley Hoffman

Creating tons of speed with a short swing.

Jim McLean

Stuck behind a tree? Here's your escape plan.

David Leadbetter

Fix your worst shots with a better backswing.

What's In My Bag

Hideki Matsuyama on playing catch on tour, his TrackMan and clubs.


Man on Golf
If I make it to Mars, here's how I'll become the best golfer in the universe.

The Bald Truth
Take it from a guy who knows: You learn to laugh about losing hair.

Road Report
The history at these gems is worth the trip.

The Best Golfer in Hollywood
Kathryn Newton balances golf and acting.

Equipment: About Face
Wedges regained their edge, as these six illustrate.

Shades that will impress.

Undercover Tour Pro
One of our best perks? The free flights!

Road Report
The history at these gems is worth the trip.

The Core
What to know about your heartbeat and stress levels.

The Pour
What are the do's and don'ts of drinking on the course? This bartender brings it.

Pop quiz: How well do you know golf math?

The pilgrimage to Mecca.


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