February 2015

Golf Digest February 2015 Table of Contents
Cover Story: Billy Horschel

Play Clutch

Billy Horschel on how to shine when it's crunch time.


Inside the Split: Mickelson vs. Watson at the Ryder Cup

Behind the U.S. team's meltdown at Gleneagles.

My Shot: Jimmy Walker

Going deep on his photo hobby, aliens and giving nine shots to a plus-1.

The Golfer Who Killed Osama bin Laden

Meet Rob O'Neill of SEAL Team 6, who squeezed the trigger on the night of Operation Neptune Spear.

The 10 Coolest Jobs in Golf

Lucky bastards.

Stunt Men

George and Wesley Bryan are taking golf in a new, did-you-see-that direction.

3 Tips from Tiger's New Coach

Learn to pure it with your irons.

Be Your Own Coach

All you need is your shadow.
Golf Instruction

Simplify The Short Game

Two shots to choose from when you miss the green.

Winter Workout

Start hot this year by fixing these common physical issues.

Swing Sequence: Brendon Todd

Try the swing changes that led to his first PGA Tour win.

David Leadbetter

How to control putts from off the green.

Hank Haney

Fix your swing flaws by going to the finish.

Butch Harmon

What I learned from Tiger about the opening tee shot.

Jack Nicklaus

Making a long par 3 play (a lot) shorter.

Tom Watson

How to stick it close more often from 50 yards out.

Why'd I Do That?

Say goodbye to your struggles in the sand.

Make Golf Easier

Hint: It's how you practice.

Sean Foley

You can hit draws or fades with your irons.

Golf Equipment

Beautifully Complex

How to take advantage of all the options available for drivers and wedges.

What's In My Bag

Why Matt Kuchar carries two hybrids, an extra wedge and a specially-made putter.

The Golf Life
Editor's Letter
Life-takers and heart-breakers.

Undercover Tour Pro
How players really feel about TV announcers.

Rules Quiz
Can you pull blades of grass from a drop area?

The best way to spice up your wardrobe? Cool socks!

Grassroots Issues
Ever wonder why green speeds change from day to day—even hole to hole?

Ask Golf Digest
The technology behind high-speed cameras, and guidance on leaving rakes in or out of bunkers.

Junior Development Awards
For the 30th consecutive year, we recognize programs that bring kids into the game.

Road Report
Now you can play "the five best consecutive holes of golf anywhere in the world."
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