CBS Sports: Rules Of The Game

Here are the questions (and answers) to the CBS quiz show hosted by Bill Macatee and Bobby Clampett.

During a recent stroke-play event, Jack hit his ball into a fairway bunker, where it came to rest in front of a pine cone. Because the pine cone interfered with his backswing, Jack carefully removed the pine cone without causing his ball to move and then played from the bunker. The ruling is:

a. It's OK to do what he did, there's no penalty.
b. One stroke penalty
c. Two stroke penalty
d. Disqualification
In the 2007 U.S. Women's Open, Cristie Kerr was having difficulty with her alignment and asked her caddie to stand behind her to help her line up. Is her caddie permitted to stand behind her while she plays a stroke?

a. Yes
b. No
Jack and Tom are playing as partners in a four-ball event. Tom has a long putt with a big break. Jack, using his putter, taps the spot on the green where he thinks Tom should aim. What's the ruling?

a. No penalty
b. 1 stroke penalty
c. Disqualification
d. 2 stroke penalty
Tom notices sand and loose soil on his line of putt. While brushing the loose impediments out of the way, Tom presses down some blades of grass. In stroke play, the penalty is:

a. No penalty, as long as the player re-brushes the grass so the blades are back in their original position.
b. Loss of Hole
c. One Stroke
d. Two Strokes
In the 1992 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, Nick Faldo hit a ball into a tree and it never came down. Which of the following was NOT an option for Nick?

a. Climb the tree and play the ball as it lies.
b. If found, declare the ball unplayable, incurring a 1-stroke penalty and drop the ball no closer to the hole and within two club-lengths of the point on the ground directly beneath where the ball lay unplayable in the tree.
c. Shake the tree until the ball comes down and then play the ball from its new position.
d. Proceed under penalty of stroke-and-distance.
Jack and Tom were playing a match. Jack, who had the honor, hit his tee shot on the par-3 12th, 10 feet from the hole. Tom asked Jack, "What club did you use?" Jack answered, "Five iron." The penalty is:

a. One Stroke
b. Two Strokes
c. Loss of Hole
d. No penalty
CBS Rules Quiz
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