Arnold Palmer at 80

Arnold Palmer
Few athletes have the crossover appeal to capture attention outside their sporting venue. Arnie has always been one of those icons, which is just one of the many reasons we're celebrating his 80th birthday. Look back at the career and life of the King and how he changed the sport forever with these special features, slideshows and videos.
Arnold @ 80

Birthday Greetings

In conjunction with Arnold's 80th birthday on Sept. 10, we've collected memories from friends and fans of the King including Dottie Pepper, Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods. View additional stories, including the video described in the first item, or to add your memory:
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Arnie's Timeless Lessons

According to Arnie, some things like the correct grip and keeping your head still, will always improve your game. Palmer takes a look back at his old books and articles and shares 25 of his all-time favorite tips that still work today.
Swing sequence

Arnold Palmer

The King's swing never was a model of aethetics, but the drama it produced was a great gift to golf. His hard-hitting, hitch-up-your-pants, in-your-face golf ushered in the modern game and all it represented.
Frame-by-frame photos
View his swing in motion

Arnie's 10 Rules

Ever see Arnie throw a club? Unless you were at the final round of the Western Pennsylvania Junior in '47, chances are you haven't. That was the last time he let his anger overtake good behavior. From cell phones to slow play, the King shares his 10 Golden Rules of golf.
View a slideshow of mock-up cover designs that were considered for Golf Digest's tribute issue for Arnold Palmer (Sept. '09)

Arnold's charisma made him a choice for numerous advertising campaigns thoughout the years for everything from airlines to cars to clothes. View a slideshow of Palmer ads, courtesy of Vardon to Woods: A Pictorial History of Golfers in Advertising

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