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July 2014
Style for her
The World Cup and July Fourth have gotten my patriotic juices flowing, as you can see with this red-white-and-blue kit. I paired a red Bandon Preserve cap with a white Adidas ClimaLite solid jersey sleeveless polo ($45) and a navy blue Athleta Sweetness skort ($49). ECCO's Women's Tour Hybrid wingtips ($190) are a classy way to finish this look, and Golf Pride's New Decade Multicompound grips ($10) come in an array of colors, including this red-white option. Yes, those are red Puma wristbands ($8). And yes, I'm going to wear them. I'm also going to wear those sunglasses, which I bought at a corner Hallmark store for $1, because 'MURICA.
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July 28, 2014

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