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Q&A With Paulina Gretzky

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Are you in the gym several days a week?
I used to run every day, and I absolutely loved it. It was like meditation for me. I also loved kickboxing. What really kept me in great shape was dancing. Lately, I've been constantly on the go, so I don't get to run much anymore. Now I'm doing workout videos every day. If you don't want to go to the gym and would rather work out alone, all you have to do is find a workout on YouTube.

Any good dieting tips?
It's as simple as Everything in Moderation. I'll eat pizza and cheeseburgers, but I won't do it every day.

The fitness moves pictured here ...
Those were hard! And I was pretty sore the next morning.

Most of those exercises involve deep stretches.
Stretching is one of Dustin's main things. People tend to forget about stretching and underestimate how important it is when working out. For men and for women.

Paulina Gretzky

Can golfers look sexy?
Dustin can.

What makes a golfer look sexy?
With Dustin, it's his pants. It's all about the fit. I like that he doesn't wear things that say Look at me; look at me. He wears what makes him feel comfortable, and it shows.

What's a fashion look you see at golf courses that definitely doesn't work?
I'm not sure there are fashion looks that don't work. I used to think I needed to wear a polo shirt to be in the clubhouse, but now I've realized it's not like that, and I can wear my workout clothes and just dress so I'm comfortable. Being on the course at tour events is exercise for me. I get to power walk. If people enjoy getting dressed up, I'm all for it. But if people want to slum it out and wear workout clothes, that's totally OK, too. If you have respect for the game, so what? The jean thing I understand. I've worn jeans while watching Dustin play, but I'm not sure playing in jeans is the best idea.

Who are the coolest golfers on tour?
I love Matt Kuchar, and I love Keegan. All of the guys who live in the vicinity of Dustin in Jupiter [Florida] are just really great people. Rickie is awesome. Kid Rock has become a huge friend, and he's in Jupiter, too. He's just adoring golf.

Kid Rock is a friend?
My mom and dad have been friends with Kid for a long time. My dad finally introduced Dustin to Kid because Kid said he didn't have anyone to hang out with in Jupiter. Finally he and Dustin got to play golf together, and now Kid's totally on this golf train.

You must get a lot of interesting looks and comments while walking outside the ropes.
Sometimes I feel like a zoo animal out there. People think I can't hear them—but I can definitely hear you. If anything, just come over and talk to me. I'm not someone people should be afraid of. Everyone is usually very sweet, and there hasn't been a bad moment for me. But I do feel more comfortable if I'm walking with someone. Of course sometimes I just want to watch Dustin play golf, and I hope people respect that. And you know what? They always do.

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