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13 Elaborate Golf Gifts

What to get for the golfer who has everything? We've come up with 13 solutions if money is no object

December 2013

Custom Wedges

What if one of your buddies would do anything to experience a three-hour wedge fitting with Bob Vokey, the longtime wedge designer for Titleist, then have Vokey build wedges to exact specifications? Now through 2014, if you're willing to spend $1,050, you can give all of that. As part of the Bob Vokey Hand Ground Experience at the Acushnet test facility in Oceanside, Calif., Vokey will take notes on grinds, bounce angles, yardage gaps and more. Then he'll build three wedges meeting the correct specs, including tour-only models. You can book one of these fittings at Wedgeworks.

-- Ashley Mayo
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July 28, 2014

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