Advice Column: 'Dear Lumpy'

Tim "Lumpy" Herron is a four-time PGA Tour winner, within the top 50 all-time PGA money list, and led the tour in backspin and follow through in 2008. He is also an expert on most everything. Tweet your questions to Tim at @PGALumpy.

DEAR LUMPY: Watching Britain's Justin Rose win the U.S. Open really got me thinking. What's your favorite royal wedding dress?

DEAR NADINE: That's a close one. While Mette Marit's Scandinavian-designed dress exemplifies craftsmanship and grace, I have to go with Princess Diana's, because I heard they made a Slip 'N Slide out of the 25-foot train months later.  

DEAR LUMPY: I've always been told to transfer my weight from the right side to the left side on the downswing (I'm right handed).  I had this pictured in my mind but recently watched my swing on video. I was surprised to see that, at impact, my right foot was way off the ground ... almost on the toes. Any drill to keep the right foot "grounded" longer?—Don

DEAR DON: I went through the same thing as a youngster, and there's only two possible remedies.
1. Stake your right shoe to the ground during practice (use a 16 penny nail or smaller tent stake).
2. Wear a couple ankle weights on your right side (at least 12 pounds total). 

DEAR LUMPY: What's your favorite snack during a round?—Jan

DEAR JAN: I like sushi because it's delicious, full of protein, and compact enough to fit in the top pocket of my staff bag. My caddie, Lance, keeps Nibs® licorice in his pockets. Red on right, black on left.

DEAR LUMPY: I still can't get over the U.S. Open rough at Merion! I'm curious, how do pros prepare for the thick stuff? —Luther

DEAR LUTHER: I'm glad you asked. My swing coach, Chance Manning recently developed the SwingTrough™. It's the premiere swing aid that lets you practice golf's toughest shots ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. While production's been put on hold due to a "pending lawsuit due to lead content", I'd expect them available in most pro shops by mid 2014. In the meantime, you can check out his other products at BogeyPro, and watch the video on their YouTube Page.

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