Advice Column: 'Dear Lumpy'

Tim "Lumpy" Herron is a four-time PGA Tour winner, within the top 50 all-time PGA money list, and led the tour in backspin and follow through in 2008. He is also an expert on most everything. Tweet your questions to Tim at @PGALumpy.

DEAR LUMPY: My driving range just raised their rates for the third time this year. Do you have any good, inexpensive practice tips?
DEAR DOUG: Busting out big bucks for buckets just sucks. When times are tough, I like to hit river rocks with an old Patti Berg six-iron down at the abandoned power plant. Contact your local city hall for a list of defunct business properties. 

DEAR LUMPY: My golf buddies call me me "Nancy Pelosi" because I block everything to the right. How'd you get your nickname?
DEAR NANCY: It's a long story about a senior prom, an undersized tux, and an allergic reaction to saffron. 

DEAR LUMPY: How do you make golf fun for kids? Any special drills to help them with their game?
DEAR EDDIE: Kids like shiny, colorful things. And animals that talk. I don't know what you do with this info, but start there.

DEAR LUMPY: The holidays left me with an abundance of construction paper, glitter and sequins. With spring here, do you have any suggestions how best to use?
DEAR RHONDA: You sent this to my golf advice column. Please forward any questions regarding scrapbooking, macrame or latch hook to

DEAR LUMPY: I've heard that pre-shot routines are a great way to maintain consistent play regardless of circumstances. What works for you?
DEAR KYLE: Next time you see me on TV, watch closely and you'll notice I'm whispering to myself, the letters: V-B-A-A-G-B-W-B-A-T-D-R-C-F-T-A-F to myself. It's this acronym that reminds me to Visualize, Breathe, Address, Aim, Grip, Balance, Waggle, Breathe Again, Takeaway, Downswing, Release, Contact, Follow Through And Finish. 

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