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Our guide for getting your swing in shape

March 2013
Fitness Guide

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It's true, you can play golf with a belly or a bum knee or a hangover. And isn't that nice, because last time we checked, you weren't a professional athlete or putting in two hours a day at the gym. If you still think golf isn't a real sport, despite Tiger Woods or Dustin Johnson or 50 other guys like them, you can at least appreciate that being physically fit will help your game. The right exercise regimen will sharpen your swing, increase your stamina, make you a vision in khaki. We're betting one of the things you love about golf is the hope that you can get better, no matter your age, and one way is getting in shape. So give us a few minutes, and check out these tips. We don't want to get preachy, but we do want you to play your best—and get up that hill on 18 without needing an oxygen tank.

Overhead Split-Squat

6 Exercises Every Golfer Needs


Start in a kneeling split stance holding a club or weighted bar overhead. Lift and lower yourself, keeping the club extended. Trains: lower-body strength and stability, mid-back extension.
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