Chill Out

The solution to cold-weather comfort: layering

February 2013

When the weather outside is frightful, don't wrap yourself in one big sweater or jacket. You want lots of lightweight layers instead. As you start to warm up while playing, you can remove one or more items to regulate your body temperature. Your base layer should be a long- or short-sleeve compression shirt. (Don't bother with a golf shirt. It just adds bulk and not any real comfort.) The outer layer on your upper body has to be windproof, to keep your torso warm. And you must protect your extremities. Gloves and knit hats--not ballcaps--are de rigueur. Even your feet can benefit from layering. Start your day with two pairs of socks, but make sure there's room for a little toe-wiggling. That helps keep your feet toasty, too.

Right: Puma Blocked Cat beanie, $16; Monoline long sleeve T-shirt, $60; Ombre plaid wind jacket, $110; ¼-zip striped sweater, $90; tech golf pants, $85; EvoSpeed Faas Trac shoes, $130; FootJoy WinterSof gloves, $22.

Below, left: Nike reversible knit hat, $28; Pro Combat Core mock, $50; half-zip windproof sweater, $150; Thermal Mapping jacket, $150; weatherized pants, $110; cold-weather mitts, $26; Lunar Bandon shoes, $180.

Below, right: IJP Design New Magic beanie, $50; FootJoy thermal base layer, $55; Polo Golf merino wool half-zip sweater, $175; RLX tech faux shearling vest, $198; Rugby corduroy pants, $90; Adidas Crossflex shoes, $100; FootJoy WinterSof glove (right hand), $22; G/Fore Blue glove (left hand), $35.

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