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Favorite swing of all time: Walter Hagen. Bobby Jones is the only old-timer people look at, and there's this idea that all Hagen could do was chip and putt. That's crazy. Look up his swing on YouTube sometime. Look at his wide stance -- I think getting the feet farther apart is going to become a trend because it makes the swing more lateral than rotary. Then watch his rhythm. It's gorgeous.

The rule banning anchoring is coming, and I don't get it. I was one of the first regular tour guys to use a long putter, in 1991. I had some success with it, but it certainly wasn't the answer to every prayer. If it was, everybody would be using one. You still have to move the putter.

The champions tour is sitting there waiting to be had, right? No cut. Guaranteed check. But the decision isn't that simple. The Champions Tour is completely misunderstood. It's murder out there. The guys can and do go deep. Freddie Couples and Tom Lehman could definitely still win on the PGA Tour. So on one hand there's the bigger purses on the PGA Tour -- where I still think I can win, by the way -- but a more steady income on the Champions Tour. Which would you choose if you were me?

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