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Game Changers: Golfers Who Give Back

What do Michael Phelps, Bill Clinton, Michael J. Fox and Morgan Freeman have in common? They're on the cover of the December issue of Golf Digest, where they're celebrated for using golf to help others

December 2012
NOTE: The complete feature on Golfers Who Give Back can be read in the December issue of Golf Digest, available on newsstands and in tablet editions. To see a behind-the-scenes video of legendary photographer Walter Iooss Jr.'s cover shoots with Clinton, Phelps, Fox, and Freeman, click here.
Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

On playing golf with one hand:
"I was a in a horrendous car accident four years ago. I don't know what happened, whether I passed out, went to sleep or what. The upshot is a paralyzed left hand. I literally can't use it. . . I don't seem to be any worse than I was with two hands. I can't hit it 240 or 260 yards like some of these guys, but I enjoy trying. "
Walter Iooss Jr.
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