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The 10 Worst Things To Eat Or Drink

Here's a list of common foods and drinks you should avoid during your round of golf

Worst Things To Eat: Soda/fruit juice


Seems odd to pair these two drinks together, doesn't it? After all, fruit juice is found in nature and soda was created in some laboratory. Truth is, there is very little that separates these two awful beverages, because both are off the charts with sweeteners. I've already explained that natural sugars leave the body open to blood/sugar spikes. But even if you chose a drink that contains artificial sweeteners, your brain initially doesn't know the difference and you feel many of the same highs followed by big, big lows. What about fresh squeezed juice? Think about it. How many oranges would you have to squeeze to get an 8-ounce glass of OJ? That's a lot of sugar! If you want some fizz, go with sparkling water or low-sodium club soda. If you like the taste of fruit juice, eat an apple, orange or some cranberries.
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