A New Role For Bill Clinton

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Have you ever played with 43 [President George W. Bush, the 43rd president]?

No, and I've always wanted to.

You've played with his dad [President George H.W. Bush]?

A lot, mostly in Maine. With Tom Brady, who is a great golfer, and Jimmy Nantz. The only other football player I ever played with who was almost as graceful as Tom Brady was Mike Haynes, the All-Pro cornerback. He and O.J. Simpson, of all people, played with me one day in California, before all the stuff happened.

Fellow Arkansan John Daly has been struggling. Any advice for him?

He's still got enormous skills... You know, it breaks my heart, all the tough things that have happened to him. I just pull for him.

Why is golf like life?

Because, first, my famous answer--you get breaks you don't deserve, both ways--that's really true. Even though I'm not very good anymore, I have some days when almost all the shots are pretty good. And you get days, I had a deal the other day where I had four 6s in nine holes. I couldn't believe it. I said, "I haven't had four 6s in nine holes since I was a teenager."

The second thing, I ask myself all the time why I never get bored playing courses I like. Not just great courses. I think it's the same reason I don't get bored with life. If you think about it, until you get to the end of your life--and most of us don't know when it's coming--we act like we're bored because "I'm gonna do the same thing as I did yesterday." No, you're not. Different stuff's going on in your mind, different stuff's going on in your heart. So if you're alive to the possibility of what's different, it gives you a gift every time you go. Like you can't lose. You can play bad. You can make a lousy score. But you can't lose. And I love that.

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