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Washington's Top 150 Golfers

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NOTES: Handicaps were determined in a number of ways: the U.S. Golf Association's Golf Handicap and Information network, state associations, the politicians, lobbyists, friends and playing partners. Handicaps without a decimal point are estimates.

Washington's Top 150
102. Pat Meehan Rep.-Pennsylvania 16.2
103. David Regan VP, Legislative Affairs, NADA 16.4
104. Kenneth Cole Senior VP, Govt. Relations, Pfizer 16.5
105. Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. Pres./CEO, American Gaming Assn. 16.6
T-106. Shahira Knight VP, Govt. Relations/Public Policy, Fidelity 16.7
T-106. Kathryn Rand Senior Representative, Public/Govt. Affairs, Federal Express 16.7
T-108. Mo Brooks Rep.-Alabama 17
T-108. Barack Obama President 17
110. Nick Calio President/CEO, Air Transport Assn. 17.1
111. Jeff Forbes Founding Partner, Cauthen Forbes & Williams 17.2
T-112. James Coyne Pres./CEO, National Air Transportation Assn. 17.8
T-112. John Raffaelli Founding Partner, Capitol Counsel LLC 17.8
T-114. Sanford Bishop Rep.-Georgia 18
T-114. Doc Hastings Rep.-Washington 18
T-114. Bill Huizenga Rep.-Michigan 18
T-114. Ron Kirk U.S. Trade Rep. 18
T-114. Kathleen Sebelius Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services 18
119. Chaka Fattah Rep.-Pennsylvania 19
120. Brenda Becker SVP, Global Govt. Affairs, Boston Scientific 19.1
121. John Merrigan Partner, Dla Piper 19.7
122. Jack Quinn Co-Founder/Chairman, Quinn Gillespie 19.8
T-123. Melody Barnes Director, Domestic Policy Council 20
T-123. Jason Chaffetz Rep.-Utah 20
T-123. Orrin Hatch Sen.-Utah 20
T-123. Marguerite W. Kondracke Pres./CEO America's Promise Alliance 20
T-123. Tom Latham Rep.-Iowa 20
T-128. Luis Gutierrez Rep.-Illinois 122
T-128. Ray Lahood Secretary, Dept. of Transportation 22
T-130. Thad Cochran Sen.-Mississippi 23
T-130. Tim Walberg Rep.-Michigan 23
132. Don Young Rep.-Alaska 24
133. Mary Bono Mack Rep.-California 24.8
T-134. Sam Geduldig Partner, Clark Lytle & Geduldig 25
T-134. Howard (Buck) McKeon Rep.-California 25
T-134. Tom Nides Deputy Secretary of State 25
T-134. Lynn Westmoreland Rep.-Georgia 25
138. Christine Ciccone Sr. VP, External Relations, U.S. Enrichment Corp. 25.7
T-139. Frank Guinta Rep.-New Hampshire 26
T-139. Edolphus Towns Rep.-New York 26
141. Kathy Didawick VP, Congressional Comm., Blue Cross/Blue Shield 26.6
142. Adam Kinzinger Rep.-Illinois 27
143. Sheila Tate Vice Chairman, Powell Tate, 27.4
144. Lisa Nelson Head, Global Govt. Relations, Visa 28.5
T-145. Dan Boren Rep.-Oklahoma, 30
T-145. Renee Ellmers Rep.-North Carolina 30
T-145. Phil Gingrey Rep.-Georgia 30
T-145. Anthony Kennedy Justice, U.S. Supreme Court 30
T-145. Kenneth Kies Managing Dir., Federal Policy Group 30.0
150. Dennis Cardoza Rep.-California 36
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