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A collection of amusing stories and humorous tales from 60 years of Golf Digest

Over the years, Golf Digest has chatted with anyone who's anyone in golf, on topics as varied as pressure, gamesmanship, temper and other embarrassing situations. To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we've compiled some more memorable stories from the magazine's rich history.

-- Mike O'Malley

Arnold Palmer

Bev Norwood of IMG, on Arnold Palmer (September 1999)

When Arnold played the British Open at Royal Troon [1989], a photographer came out on a practice day wanting a picture of Arnold at the plaque marking the spot on the 16th hole where he had hit the famous shot out of the rough onto the green that won him the British Open in 1961.

Arnold and the photographer go off down the fairway from the first tee looking for this plaque in the rough. After searching for about 10 minutes, Arnold turns to his caddie, Tip Anderson, and said, "Tip, where is that plaque?" And Tip, who had been watching this whole scene in very much bemusement for the past 10 minutes, said, "About 200 miles south of here, Mr. Palmer -- it was at Royal Birkdale, not Royal Troon."

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