A Golfer's Guide to the Treadmill

December 2008
If you want to improve your golf fitness, running on a treadmill at a set pace isn't the best approach, says Randy Myers, director of fitness at Sea Island resort in Georgia. Golf is a start-and-stop activity that involves explosive movements and lateral rotation. A workout that combines backward walks, side shuffles and high-speed intervals will burn calories and build your golf-specific muscles. Below, your ideal treadmill routine.

1. Backward Walk

Walk backward at 3 to 5 miles per hour for three minutes. Turn around and walk forward for one minute. Repeat three times. This targets the glutes and hamstrings needed for balance.

2. Side Shuffles

Face sideways and shuffle in a golf posture for 30 seconds in each direction at 3 mph and at a slight incline. Repeat three times. This builds hip and thigh muscles for stability in the swing.

3. High-Speed Intervals

Run for 30 seconds at 7 mph, then walk for 30 seconds at 3 mph. Repeat 10 times. This builds aero-bic endurance and simulates the start/stop nature of golf.
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