Your Game Plan for 36 a Day

August 2008

The summer buddies trip is here, and you want to keep your body from giving out during your golf marathon. Focus on your hips and back, two vulnerable areas for golfers, according to Ralph Simpson, a former PGA Tour certified physical therapist. Do this each day of the trip:

6:32 A.M.

In the Shower

While loosening up with a hot shower, stand at address with your back to a wall. Face forward, rotate your upper body and touch the wall with both hands in each direction 10 times.

8:17 A.M.

On the First Tee

Stand in your address posture while holding a club at both ends. Reach toward the sky with your arms extended as high as they can go. While extended, lean left and right.

8:32 A.M.

In the Fairway

Stand at address, hands on your hips. Turn your body into your finish position and hold (you should be braced against one leg, on your toes on the other). Repeat in the opposite direction.

4:20 P.M.

At the Clubhouse

Take two Tylenol. A study suggests that acetaminophen (Tylenol) is just as effective as ibuprofen and naproxen for acute back pain and has fewer side effects.

9:47 P.M.

In the Sack

For righties, sleep on your right side. Simpson believes this can help reduce back pain by countering spinal curvature brought on by repeatedly swinging in one direction.
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