2015 Hot List
The Best New Drivers
These 14 drivers offer more options & distance.


Today's drivers are almost infinitely adjustable to optimize each golfer's specifications, changing center of gravity locations in three dimensions, face angles and lofts with greater simplicity and more independence than ever before.

Fairway Woods

The collection of 11 fairway woods on this year's Hot List share a similar theme: faces that have even more tricks behind their power than their big brothers in the driver category.


The evidence is clear from the 13 clubs in this Hot List category that hybrids should occupy a position of strength in your bag no less important than your woods or your wedges.

Game-Improvement Irons

The game-improvement category accounts for the most sales and the greatest number of products. In short, they're the clubs for everybody.

Super Game-Improvement Irons

With meaty top lines, generous offsets and low center of gravities these clubs will generate shots that'll have you standing tall in no time.

Players Irons

Most of these combine the look, feel and shotmaking capabilities of a blade within a modest cavity-back design with weighting so precise there's no longer the need to slap a wad of lead tape on the back.


With the array of options increasingly available and the newly developed sophistication behind their manufacturing, the truth can now be told: In totality of performance, today's wedges are better than they've ever been. Here are our 12 favorites.

Mallet Putters

It used to be that mallets were looked at as a putter of last resort. Something you used if you weren't good enough to use a blade. Now they are the putter of choice for many.

Blade Putters

Designers are changing the possibilities of putter performance thanks to a new understanding of how putts roll better. That means better ideas about face textures and materials that improve the way putts launch off the face, weight distribution that not only improves off-center hit stability but also help stabilize your stroke.
Fitting Secret

Add 23 Yards

Our test of 150 golfers proves the benefits of clubfitting.

Terms & Definitions

Breaking down some technical terms in plain English.

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