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2014 Hot List: Utility Irons

Approaches from 200 yards and out are difficult, but the reappearance of utility irons makes the task easier

February 3, 2014
Editor's Note: For the first time in 2014, Golf World has produced a Players Hot List for lower-handicap players. This is a separate process than the Golf Digest Hot List, although in some instances, the same clubs were recognized.

Hot List: Utility irons: Ping Rapture D.I.



TECH TALK: A wide sole and tungsten in the heel and toe help boost the moment of inertia (MOI) for better results on mis-hits. The center of gravity (CG) is positioned to produce a lower, more boring trajectory with less spin. The flat face enhances workability.

"Just enough heft to give it a meaty feel at impact." ... "The head is the perfect size. I can control it easily and hit different types of shots."

HOT: Many in this category only enhance a player's skill, but the bulged face and slot in the sole solve some problems as well, especially from a thick lie in the rough.
NOT: A true long-iron replacement, this club uses multiple materials to bolster forgiveness while losing none of the shotmaking ability better players demand. not The single loft option seems insufficient.

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