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2014 Hot List: Utility Irons

Approaches from 200 yards and out are difficult, but the reappearance of utility irons makes the task easier

February 3, 2014
Editor's Note: For the first time in 2014, Golf World has produced a Players Hot List for lower-handicap players. This is a separate process than the Golf Digest Hot List, although in some instances, the same clubs were recognized.

Hot List: Utility irons: Adams Super DHy


LOFTS: 18, 21, 24, 27

TECH TALK: The Super DHy features a slot in the sole and a thin, steel face designed to create high ball speeds. To improve forgiveness, the clubface includes a bulge that lessens the curve on balls hit off the toe and heel.

"The flight is penetrating and predictable, exactly what I want." ... "It feels like a complete club in my hands, and it's as forgiving as can be. I also like the smaller back edge."

HOT: Many in this category only enhance a player's skill, but the bulged face and slot in the sole solve some problems as well, especially from a thick lie in the rough.
NOT: The gray/black contrast can be distracting, and the flight could be too high for a better ball-striker.

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July 28, 2014

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