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2014 Hot List: Blade Irons

Technology has allowed even muscle-back irons to have a hint of forgiveness to go with classic looks

February 3, 2014
Editor's Note: For the first time in 2014, Golf World has produced a Players Hot List for lower-handicap players. This is a separate process than the Golf Digest Hot List, although in some instances, the same clubs were recognized.

Hot List: blade irons: adams XTD forged

adams XTD forged

STREET PRICE: $1,100 (set of eight, steel)
LOFTS: 30 degrees, PW: 46 degrees

TECH TALK: A pair of the company's DHy driving hybrids serve as the 3- and 4-irons. The rest of the set uses five different materials, including tungsten in the toe to place the center of gravity (CG) in an optimal position in each club.

"The word 'crisp' is a cliché, but I haven't had an iron feel like this in some time." . . . "You see the technology in the bag, but at address it has a no-nonsense look. That's the best of both worlds."

HOT: The traditional look belies the technology in this set. A thin, high-strength face insert combines with slots that allow the face to flex, producing an iron with plenty of punch.
NOT: The scratch player will want long irons instead of hybrids.

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