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Make The Turn - Weekly Challenge: Trajectory Tune-Up

Most golfers play purely by direction, whereas the game's best also play by height. This week's challenge will elevate your performance IQ, while giving you more command over your golf ball. Do you think you can do it?

Shortcuts from Tom Watson - Finish High to Hit It High

Sometimes up and over is your best bet. Here's how to do it.
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Tom Watson: Finish High To Hit It High

Sometimes up and over is your best bet. Here's how to do it.
August 2013
Golf Instruction / Breaking 90

Breaking 90: Test Your Trajectory

To get into position to hit a few good shots in a row, you need to start with the driver.
March 2010
Golf Instruction / Lesson tee

Bo Van Pelt: Steal My Feel

Adjust your feet to change the flight.
November 2012

Chipping & Pitching - Dave Stockton: Short-Game Essentials

Dave Stockton reviews the only two shots you need: the low chip and high pitch.
Golf Instruction / Quick Tips

Ryo Ishikawa: My Checklist

Ryo Ishikawa, 20, has nine wins on the Japan Golf Tour, the first coming when he was only 15. Here are his tips for hitting the fairway.
October 2012
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Lofting your short-game shots

Here's what creates trajectory -- and how to increase it
September 2011
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Trent Wearner (June 2011)

With all the shots you face around the green, you need to be able to control trajectory. Here's a simple system for hitting it low, high or in between.
June 2011
Results: 1 - 10 of 19
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