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Pro golfer turning her headstand into a handstand is your Friday motivation

As if you needed another argument to prove that golfers are athletes. Yeah, we all know there are golfers like Tim Herron and Carl Pettersson who might not look like it. But when you understand...
Friday, 7/10/2015 at 10:28AM
Golf Instruction

9 things pros do before they get to the golf course

PGA Tour pros tell us how they prepare for competition
November 2014
Magazines / Editors' Blog

Study: You do better with "a pro's" putter.

Want to make more putts? According to a Canadian study, you'll make one more in every 10 (5 instead of 4) if you think the putter you're using belonged to a tour pro. Really. In...
Wednesday, 11/2/2011 at 9:24PM
Magazines / Golf & Finance

Peter Finch: Money Clip -- The Tipping Point

We know tour pros make a ton of money, but are they generous tippers?
May 2011
Magazines / Golf & Finance

Peter Finch: Money Clip -- The Price Of Greatness

Golf at its highest level can be murderously expensive
June 2011
Magazines / Golf & Finance

Peter Finch: Turbo-Taxing The Tour Pros

How will tax laws and a few tour-pro lawsuits affect where the players choose to play in the future? Peter Finch explores the effects of turbo-taxing the tour pros.
April 2011
Results: 1 - 7 of 7
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