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The Big Swing: Ryo Ishikawa

A simple script: Hit the ball on the green.
August 2014
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

David Leadbetter: Don't snatch it back

The secret to a good swing is synchronizing the movement of the arms and club with the pivot of the body.
April 2014

Approach Shots - David Leadbetter: Nail Your Irons

If thin shots are a problem for you, make two adjustments in your setup and one key move in your swing. David Leadbetter explains.

Approach Shots - David Leadbetter: Control The Short Irons

If you have problems controlling your short irons, here's short-term fix and a long-term solution from top-ranked instructor David Leadbetter.

Setup Basics - Justin Sheehan: Wanna Get A Club Longer?

Wouldn't it be great to hit an 8-iron from where you're used to hitting a 7? You can do it with just one adjustment.
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

David Leadbetter: Tune Your Tempo (Video)

A good backswing is one where the hands reach the top at the same moment the body stops turning.
January 2014
Results: 1 - 10 of 54
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