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A way to make sure your cellphone doesn't die on the course

By Brendan Mohler Cellphone battery life is a problem for almost everyone, and with the ever-increasing number of apps available to tech-minded golfers, it can be all the more frustrating. PlusBlue Solutions, a Cincinnati-based...
Friday, 7/25/2014 at 2:59PM

Slicing - Todd Anderson: 3 Solutions to Eliminate the Slice

Golf Digest Teaching Professional Todd Anderson offers three solutions for eliminating slices.

Golf DigestThe Interviews - Captain Davis Love III: The Ride Of His Life

Golf World Editor-in-Chief Jaime Diaz takes you in depth with U.S. Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III, as the U.S. attempts to wrestle the Ryder Cup back from the Europeans.

Lessons with Butch Harmon - The Sand Wedge

To be a good bunker player, you have to understand how the club is supposed to move through the sand. Butch Harmon explains how.

Putting - David Leadbetter: Basics of Your Putting Stroke

The length of your stroke determines the length of your putt. You want the same tempo whether you have a 3-foot putt or a 30-foot putt. Use a longernot harderstroke for lengthy putts. Top-ranked teacher David Leadbetter explains.

Driving - Rick Smith: Swing, Then Set On Take Away

Swing set with a turn: Start your swing in front of the ball to feel a better turn. Top-ranked teacher Rick Smith demonstrates.

Chipping & Pitching - Paula Creamer: My Hybrid Basics

Paula Creamer shares her tips to improve long shots into the green with versatile clubs.
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Golf Digest: We're better on an iPad

If you ask Golf Digest's creative director, Ken DeLago, what makes the magazine so much better on an iPad, or even a 7-inch tablet like the Kindle Fire or Nook Color, he likes to...
Friday, 8/3/2012 at 11:21AM

Chipping & Pitching - Rickie Fowler: The Short Iron

Stay connected: PGA Tour Player and Golf Digest Playing Editor Rickie Fowler shares his strategy for hitting an effective short iron shot.

Driving - Jim McLean: The Slap Drill

This drill from top teaching professional Jim McLean will teach you to release the club correctly.
Results: 1 - 10 of 28
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