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A way to make sure your cellphone doesn't die on the course

By Brendan Mohler Cellphone battery life is a problem for almost everyone, and with the ever-increasing number of apps available to tech-minded golfers, it can be all the more frustrating. PlusBlue Solutions, a Cincinnati-based...
Friday, 7/25/2014 at 2:59PM

Slicing - David Leadbetter: Cure a Case of the Rights

Find out how to cure a case of "the rights." David Leadbetter shows how to rotate your right palm down to help square the clubface.

Golf Digest's Best Teachers - Mark Blackburn: Generating Power on Impact

Mark Blackburn, Director of Instruction at Gunter's Landing and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers, explains how to generate more power at impact.

Golf Digest's Best Teachers - Jason Guss: Chipping Drill

Visualize Your Chip Shots: Jason Guss, Sr. Academy Instructor at Rick Smith Golf Academy and one of America's Best Young Teachers, shares a drill that will help you become a better chipper and visualize your chip shots.

Golf Digest's Best Teachers - Jason Birnbaum: Improving Contact on Iron Shots

If you're struggling with iron contact you're probably releasing the club too early. Jason Birnbaum, one of America's Best Young Teachers, shares a tip for improving contact on your iron shots.

Slicing - Travis Fulton: Straighten Out Your Shot

Travis Fulton, one of America's Best Young Teachers, shares a simple drill for straightening out your shots.

Setup Basics - Butch Harmon: Break the Hook Cycle

To break out of the hook cycle, practice swinging your arms a little slower and turning your body more aggressively to the finish. Butch Harmon demonstrates.

Chipping & Pitching - Hank Haney: Chip It Close

Find out how to keep everything moving together on greenside shots from instructor Hank Haney.

Slicing - Todd Anderson: 3 Solutions to Eliminate the Slice

Golf Digest Teaching Professional Todd Anderson offers three solutions for eliminating slices.

Bunker Play - Rick Smith: The Fried-Egg Lie

How to beat a fried-egg lie from Golf Digest Teaching Professional Rick Smith.
Results: 1 - 10 of 60
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