swing sequences

swing sequences

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Golf's Disruptors: Unconventional Tour Swings

Despite having some of the most unorthodox swings in professional golf, these pros have excelled on tour. Study their unique swings frame-by-frame with in-depth analysis, find out their average driving stats, and watch slow-motion video of their swings.

Behind-the-scenes with Phil Mickelson

Check out Phil's driver shot in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video of our June 2008 cover shoot.

Behind-the-scenes with Michael Jordan

Go behind the scenes with six-time NBA Champion and recent Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jordan on a photo shoot for Golf Digest magazine.
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Swing sequences: Fred Couples (Target-line)

How do you hit a ball 300 yards with just one hand? Ask Fred Couples, who is so loose he sometimes lets his right hand come completely off the club through impact. View his powerful swing in motion!
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What's with the swing sequences?

Golf Digest readers miss nothing--some of you anyway. This California reader likes our swing sequences (very popular on golfdigest.com as well as in the magazine) but is mystified by the inconsistent backgrounds of a some...
Friday, 12/10/2010 at 6:04PM
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Stack & Tilt: Peter Finch's lesson

Video highlights of Peter Finch's lesson with Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett.
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Swing sequences: K.J. Choi (Upline)

Choi's recent success begins with his left-to-right ball flight

Classic Swing Sequences - Sam Snead's Signature Swing

See the great moves and perfect positions of The Slammer in a never-before-seen 1950 photo sequence. Words can't describe Sam's fluid tempo and awesome power.
Results: 1 - 10 of 71
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