swing plane

swing plane

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Golf Instruction: Ben Hogan's Timeless Tips

A look back at advice from the legendary ball-striker that ran in Golf Digest throughout the years.
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A swing trainer that straightened Charles Barkley's swing

By Stephen Hennessey ORLANDO -- When Charles Barkley finished hitting iron approaches after using the Memory Swing -- with a golf swing on plane -- he was in disbelief. Barkley's swing, with pauses and stutters...
Wednesday, 1/22/2014 at 11:26AM

Slicing - David Leadbetter: Slice No More!

Remember this: In to out is a downswing thought, not a backswing thought. As you swing back, try to create some room for the club to move on an in-to-out path coming down. David Leadbetter demonstrates how.
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Hank Haney: 4 Keys To Shoot In The 80s

From tee to green, try these ways to shave some strokes.
January 2013
Magazines / Golf Humor | BogeyPro Golf

BogeyPro Golf: Chance Manning's Swing-Plane Trainer

Proven method: BogeyPro Golf's Chance Manning demonstrates how taking off your pants helps your swing in this step-by-step video.
August 2012
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Quick Tips: Swing Plane

PGA Professional Brian Crowell on how to achieve proper swing plane.

Quick Tips - Swing Plane

PGA Professional Brian Crowell shows you how to achieve proper swing plane.
Golf Instruction / Breaking 100

Breaking 100: Swing Around Your Body

Rehearse a baseball or T-ball swing, keeping the shaft as parallel to the ground as possible and below your shoulders as you go back and through.
August 2011
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Match this position

Turn the toe up, but not too soon
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