swing fixes

swing fixes

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Health & Fitness

Fitness Friday: Fix your swing in the gym

By Ron KaspriskeIf you keep hitting the same bad shot over and over, there's a good chance your body is preventing you from fixing the problem. Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear (@Ben_Shear), who trains...
Friday, 11/29/2013 at 7:00AM
The Basics

The Basics: 13 Quick Swing Fixes

Are bad shots plaguing you? Try these tips from Golf Digest teaching professionals, including Butch Harmon.
October 2013
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Martin Laird: The Bump-and-Run (Video)

Video: A common mistake among amateurs who try to hit bump-and-runs is they play the ball too far forward in their stance. Here's a quick fix from PGA Tour player Martin Laird.
March 2013
Golf Instruction

Sean O'Hair: The Takeaway (Video)

Think railroad tracks: PGA Tour player Sean O'Hair shares an easy drill to help you make a proper takeaway.
March 2013

Full-Swing Keys - Sean O'Hair: The Takeaway

One of the most important parts of the golf swing is the takeaway. PGA Tour player Sean O'Hair shares an easy drill to help you make a proper takeaway.

Full-Swing Keys - Sean O'Hair: Through-Swing Drill

PGA Tour player Sean O'Hair shares his favorite through-swing drill.
Golf Instruction / Cover Story

Cover Story: Dustin Johnson: Hit Your Best Shots Consistently

In this month's cover story, Dustin Johnson, one of the PGA Tour's most athletic and longest hitting golfers, on his three consistency killers and his fixes for each.
February 2013
Golf Instruction / Make Me Better

Sean Foley: Simple Swing Fixes

For power and control, break your swing into segments. From Sean Foley, Golf Digest Teaching Professional and one of the best young teachers in the game.
April 2011
Results: 1 - 8 of 8
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