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swing fix

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Sean O'Hair: 4 Fast Fixes

Sean O'Hair has won four times on the PGA Tour and ranks 21st in greens in regulation. Here are his four tips to keep common faults out of your swing.
March 2013

Setup Basics - Sean Foley: The Backswing

Sean Foley shows how to start your backswing: turn your pelvis and upper body away from the target as much as you can.

Shortcuts from Tom Watson - Play Your Shot Shape

Tom Watson explains why it's important to go with your natural shot shape whenever possible. If you mostly hit slices, be more aggressive with your tee shots on dogleg-right holes. If you hook, be aggressive on dogleg lefts.
Golf Instruction / Firmer, Faster Fairways

Nick Price: How To Hit Better Irons From Tight Lies

More courses are being set up to play dry and fast, so if you want to score, you'll have to learn how to hit iron shots from hard, thin lies.
September 2011
Golf Instruction

Find your balance

Set your weight correctly, and you'll hit it pure.
October 2006
Results: 1 - 8 of 8
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