swing drill

swing drill

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Make The Turn Weeky Challenge #31: One-Minute Swing

A big word I like to hammer home during my coaching sessions is "awareness." In golf, awareness means you have a full understanding of what "IS" within your current pattern. You understand exactly what's happening...
Wednesday, 10/8/2014 at 4:21PM
Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction: Sean Foley - Get On Plane

If you don't have enough external rotation, it's impossible to get the club parallel line with your target. Sean Foley, Golf Digest Teaching Professional demonstrates an easy move to correct an across-the-line swing.
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Sean Foley (September 2011)

Correct hip-turn: Sean Foley, Tiger Woods' swing coach, points out a backswing flaw that occurs with many recreational golfers.
September 2011
Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction: Sean Foley's Reaction Position

Golf Digest Teaching Professional Sean Foley tells you how to properly set up for a more powerful swing.
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Tiger Woods (May 2011)

Keeping it together: Tiger's coach Sean Foley shares what Tiger's currently working on and offers an easy drill to improve his connection between his arms and body during the swing.
May 2011
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Flick And Nicklaus: Starting Your Swing

Flick And Nicklaus: Jack's routine gives you a feel for the clubhead
March 2011
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